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In a pseudo homage to Barbara Walter’s yearly program, which aired just last evening, we’ve comprised our list of the 10 most fascinating, provocative, and entertaining #yeg Twitter accounts we’ve encountered over the past year. Some are NSFW. Some are philanthropic. We’ve included business, media personalities, unknowns and a couple “questionable” accounts to our list. Not a single profile mentioned on our list got here by releasing a sex tape (that we know of), singing about fireworks or being a Special K sister. For those reasons alone, we’d stack our list of fascinating people up against Babs’ any day of the week.

As a special treat to each of you (call it our Christmas gift to our #yeg Twitter community) we’ve embedded a tweet from each of our top 10 honourees and honorable mentions accounts.  Just click on “follow” in any of the embedded tweets and you can immediately be entertained by (or subjected to) their Twitter feeds.  You’re welcome.


10. The Small Business Typhoon

Amanda Rose of D’lish Urban Wine Bar and Kitchen is no average business owner. As this year’s FIERCE Woman of the Year recipient, Amanda proves that the best aspect of owning your own business is the opportunity it provides to give back to your community. A co-organizer of the Edmonton Movember Sisters and host to it’s gala event; a huge donator to the Terra Centre and the champion of more #yeg causes and charities than one could shake a martini pick at, Amanda is a shining, sparkly, sassy example of all that is good about the new, young, urban face of business in Edmonton. We highly recommend you follow this bubbly, whirling dervish.

Honorable mention:

Our own #yeg Superhero Duo, @TrevorBoller and @CraigPilgrim for their online bromance that has resulted in the tireless plotting and planning of new and exciting ways to get people involved in giving back to their community.      


9. The Morning TV Host

For refusing to back down during the “salon scandal” of 2011, Ryan Jespersen of BT Television Edmonton makes our most fascinating list. There is no denying Jespersen is more than just a jovial morning host and he proved it this past year by going head to head with the owner of “that” salon when she attempted to accuse him of only caring about their offensive ad campaign to pump up his ratings. Jespersen’s response came in the form of a gut wrenching, soul baring personal blog post on the BT Edmonton website. The depth of character behind his sarcasm and wit puts Jespersen on our list.

Honorable Mention:

@StaceyBrotzel.  The pixie like morning news anchor of BT Edmonton who showed us she is one sassy, classy, smart as a whip dame with a delightful sense of humour.


8. The Sarcastic Wit

@Leask. Never failing to deliver a witty comeback, this account is a personal favorite with our team. Willing to engage, question, joke and shoot out the occasional good natured “burn”, @Leask is a pure delight to follow. Just don’t let him get too popular. We don’t want it to go to his buzzy head.

Honorable mention:

@TheLeanover. This self deprecating humorist reached near superstar status in #yeg and was greeted with cheers when he was introduced at #yeghelp, his first “public Twitter appearance”. We hope he never leaves Twitter again.      


7. The Nice News Guy

On the day of his wedding, Simon Ostler’s feed was flooded with well wishes from Edmontonians he had never met. The reason for this is clear: Ostler engages with those in his feed and isn’t afraid to trade the occasional albeit jovial barb. Nor does he refrain from retweeting news from sources other than CTV. This and his affable Twitter personality keep him a regular on the Edmonton Trend Map “Popular People” section. Follow him for great news and friendly exchange. By the way, he’s always looking for a good tip that will make him look impressive in the newsroom.

Honorable mention:

@JoshClassen.  CTV Edmonton Weatherman and Avenue Magazine Top 40 Under 40 recipient, #yeg’s favorite meteorologist has an avatar that rocks and shirts that are a veritable “shock and awe” campaign.


6. The Pile of Manure Disturber

Regardless of what you think of him, FACLC never enters the #yeg Twitter feed without leaving some sort of impression. Be it his comments on last summer’s #SlutWalk or his more recent tweets informing everyone of the location of Check Stops around the city, FACLC doesn’t just push the envelope, he rips it to shreds, chews it up, and spits it out all over the #yeg feed. His appearance on our top 10 list should not be mistaken as an homage or honor. FACLC defines the word “fascinating” – he’s the gruesome car accident you can’t avert your eyes from.

Honorable mention:

@SirThinks. Although he’s been annoying and aggravating people since 2009, he hit an all time high this year with his complete “pwn” of the #OccupyYeg feed.      

5. The Informant 

@MKyeg.  Highly recommended by several members of the local media, a quick peruse of this account proves to be an entertaining foray into information, intellectual enlightenment and the occasion bit of sarcasm. MKyeg comes recommended by three other members of our top ten list. We figured that was more than enough to add him to it.

Honorable Mention:

Another favorite amongst the #yeg media crowd, @el_cormier never fails to dazzle with his sarcastic delivery. Every tweet from this account is a veritable treasure trove of wit, dry humour and delight. If you want information delivered with a bit of SHAZAM, follow this “Edmonton Journal Newspaperinkman”.


4. The Protestors

Although the Twitter account itself was less than entertaining, the reaction to it and the ongoing battle between those who claimed to be the 99% and those who didn’t want them to claim representation for the 99% was highly amusing. For not giving up even when we really really wanted them to give up, @OccupyYeg makes our most fascinating list.

Honorable Mention:

@LivingSanctuary This #yeg “urban activist” would probably protest the opening of an envelope, but she’d do it with sincerity, sing a lovely song and take some nice pictures whilst doing so. We adore and applaud her efforts.  Sorry, Paula.  Unlike Time Magazine, protestors did not make our number one slot.  Please don’t picket our offices for that.  


3. The Yet to Be Discovered

With a cult following amongst the #yeg Twitter community, we were surprised at how few followers this account actually has. In a highly scientific survey conducted via Twitter, @SoupyToasterson came up as a recommended follow more than any other account. The people have spoken. Follow this guy.

Honorable Mention in this category is a tie:

@NothingUnsaid No filter, no sense of decorum, no holds barred. If you think you can take it, we highly recommend this (questionable) quality over quantity tweeter. As you may already be aware, the KikkiPlanet team members are her biggest fans.

@habanerogal.  We’d be entirely remiss if we didn’t mention the #yeg Twitter feed treasure that is @habanerogal. Everyone’s gal pal, “habs” not only knows all the funniest profiles on Twitter, she’s entirely engaging and funny as hell herself.


2. The Local Politician

It seemed at times that Councilmen Kerry Diotte was the sole voice of reason on the Edmonton City Council during the past year, and he had no issue with voicing his disagreement on many key issues council faced in 2011. He live tweeted during the arena hearing and budget meetings and made a point of attempting to respond to those who engaged him in discussion via Twitter. For his willingness to speak with “the common man” and take a stand on what he feels is the right direction for the future of the City of Champions, we find him the most fascinating local politician of 2011.

Honorable mention:

@MayorMandel, but not for getting his Movember moustache shaved live on television. Mandel makes the list for finally getting stuck on the Whitemud during the Quesnel Bridge construction and taking to Twitter to comment on it. Dude, we’d been dealing with it for YEARS!  What alternate route were you taking?


1. The Grande Dame (who is way too young for us to call her that).


There wasn’t a topic this spicy broad of The Edmonton Journal didn’t take on this year. She live tweeted the #yegarena hearings with such finessse we all felt like we were in Edmonton City Council Chambers with her. Following the hearings and the council vote, @Pauatics blogged about her personal feelings on the decision and she was none too complimentary in her summation.  She took on OccupyYeg in an exchange so brilliant, so entertaining that we stood where we were upon reading it and gave her a standing ovation. She withstood the hate mail that came as a result of her recent post on forcing women to remove their niqab before taking the oath of Canadian Citizenship, confronted the “old boys club” of Parliament Hill when they reacted to the slightest hint of cleavage displayed by a female member and @Paualtics did it all in a breathtakingly unflinching manner.  She engaged us all via Twitter and when she found a blog post or news story she thought would provoke discussion, she RT’d the links regardless of the source. @Paulatics not only owned the #yeg feed during 2011, she displayed generosity of spirit, astounding intellect, an understanding of the community she lives in and an amazing ability for acerbic wit.  Without question, the incomparable @Paulatics is the Most Fascinating #yeg Twitter Account of 2011.

So, who were YOUR favorites on Twitter over the past year?  We invite you to comment below with the profile names of the Twitter feeds you’ve most enjoyed, been most informed by, been most annoyed by.  Let us know, and we’ll build a follow up list like this one with your favorites embedded for quick follow purposes.  And stay tuned for our end of the year “Top Ten Charitable Cause” accounts feature coming next week!

As we close the “#yeg Twitter year that was 2011″, we thank each of you who has taken the time to engage us, read us, respond to us.  And we look forward to the discussion and online shenanigans we are certain 2012 will bring to the #yeg Twitter community.

Tally ho, auld lang syne, bottoms up, etc.

Kikki Planet


  • Redneck Mommy

    This is a great list! I’m following most everyone on this list (Yay @habenerogal!) but I’ll be sure to follow the others. To harass them. From my not quite #YEG location. And I guess I’ll have to amp up my game to make next year’s list. Wink.

  • http://www.confessionality.ca Kasia Gawlak

    Great picks all around. Readers should be warned that the Leask/SoupyToasterson bromance is both epic and frightening.

  • http://twitter.com/Tucktovich Jason Tucker

    Great picks! I miss the #yeg twitter days! lol

  • http://oneofme.ca Paul Turnbull

    Nice list although I don’t agree with putting FACLC on it. I’ve never seen much that distinguishes him from the any other run of the mill troll I’ve encountered in the last 22 years I’ve been online.  At the very least I’d have flipped SirThinks and him. SirThinks is at least interesting, sometimes thoughtful, and isn’t afraid to put his real name on his ideas. 

  • http://www.kikkiplanet.com Kikki Planet

    Hi, Paul!

    I completely understand how you feel about FACLC and we’ve received a lot of feedback echoing what you’ve stated. In coming up with suitable names for the list I did my best to examine not only individual contribution to the #yeg Twitter feed but “effect” on the feed as well. FACLC is a very provocative addition to the list but this account placed higher than SirThinks based on FACLC’s ability to “stir the pot”. Despite his having very few followers, everyone who follows the #yeg feed expressed some fairly strong emotion with regard to FACLC. There is no denying he leaves a lasting impression on people, sour as that impression may be. For that reason alone he placed higher than SirThinks. Further, FACLC is the only addition to the list that contains a specific disclaimer with regard to his inclusion. We didn’t add him as an honor to his trolling – we added him simply because he cannot be excluded considering the amount of trouble he tends to create. Thank you for your comment! It’s greatly appreciated.

  • http://twitter.com/Joanna_Farley Joanna

    I’m sad to see I’m not on the list, and will sharpen my wit to be in consideration for at least an honorable mention next year. That said, considering who’s on the list… it might take me several decades to catch up to them! Well written article, well chosen (and reasoned) choices – these are some truly great (and in some cases, truly annoying) twitter users! 

  • http://twitter.com/bingofuel Adam Rozenhart

    Outstanding list, Kathleen! Just goes to show you what an outstanding and upstanding (with the exception of FACLC) on- and offline community we have here in #yeg!

  • http://www.kikkiplanet.com Kikki Planet

    #yeg is the fine example of what a Twitter community should be. I’m proud and lucky to be a member of it. As for FACLC, based on the reaction I’ve received to him being on the list, I kinda think I made the right choice. He is not “likeable”. In fact, he’s a confounding, infuriating jerk. But if one “tweep” can illicit the number of responses I’ve received decrying his inclusion, I’d say he has left has mark and is therefore duly labeled as “fascinating”. Thanks for your comment, Adam. I’m always thrilled when I realize the “cool kids” are reading my stuff.

  • http://twitter.com/habanerogal habanerogal

    Thank for the honour Kathleen ! I am humbled indeed . There are so many cool folk in the region especially my very first IRL twitter meetup @c92f8856990d67b57c2de5d284c00995:disqus who inspires me so much ! 2011 has been such an amazingly exciting year thanks to twitter and all of you planeteers

  • http://twitter.com/livingsanctuary Paula Kirman

    Thank you for including me! Now, about that envelope – it would depend what was inside the envelope as to whether or not I would protest its opening. Thank you for the inspiration for my next song, “We Shall Overstuff.”

  • http://twitter.com/Parksy1867 Cory

    Great list.  I love the fact you weren’t afraid to put the unpopular on your list.    We all follow people that we disagree with, but enjoy the passion that they show.